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By Torsvik, Steinberger, Gurnis & Gaina (2010)

This is a global full-plate model that used a beta-version of the GPlates dynamic polygon functionality, but the model (reported in 10 Myr polygon intervals) was used primarily to estimate Net lithosphere Rotation for the past 150 Myrs. 

Digital reconstructed plate boundaries (0-150 Ma), stage poles (Filename: 0_150_StagePoles.dat) averaged over 10 Myr (e.g. stage pole at 20 Ma is calculated from 20 to 10 Ma) and a Fortran program (Filename: bplates.f) that re-computes the plate boundaries
for different absolute rotations than given in Supplementary Material Table 1. 

Plate boundaries are provided in two different file formats:

1. Standard ‘PLATES’ ASCHII format (filename: _150_Reconstructed.dat), 2. Arc-Gis Shape format (three files named: 0_150_Reconstructed.shp,
0_150_Reconstructed.shx, 0_150_Reconstructed.DBF).